Zentrum für ganzheitliche Medizin Freiburg

Medical Practice for prevention and holistic medicine
– in Freiburg since 1996

Dr. Brigitte Karner and Dr. Wolfgang Karner
Academic teaching practice of the University of Freiburg
– certified by QEP –

Dres. Karner

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Dr. Brigitte Karner
General medical practitioner, homoeopathy, modern herbal medicine, integrative psychotherapy, holistic pain therapy, preventive medicine

Dr. Wolfgang Karner
General medical practitioner, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, holistic pain therapy, preventive medicine

medical practice address

Salzstraße 20
entrance from Grünwälderstraße 17
D-79098 Freiburg
Tel. (+49) 761 - 73340
info [@] praxis-karner.de

Consultation hours  
(only on appointment)
8:10 am - 1 pm, 3 pm - 7 pm
8:10 am - 1 pm, 3 pm - 7 pm
8:10 am - 1 pm
8:10 am - 1 pm, 3 pm - 7 pm
8:10 am - 1 pm

Acute consultation hours

Monday - Friday 12:30 pm - 13:30 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 pm - 7 pm
Telephone consultation
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9 am
Monday - Thursday 3 pm - 3:30 pm
24 hours service answering machine / prescription hotline: (+49) 761 - 15 62 320

On our website you can find information on our broad, holistic therapeutic and naturopathic offers. Our focus lies on tests using Applied Kinesiology, classical homeopathy, modern plant based alternative medicine and intestinal rehabilitation.
Furthermore we offer treatment courses to strengthen your immune system – for cancer patients, to boost your immune function and for detoxification.
Vital courses for stress and burnout patients. Additional focus lies on naturopathic approaches for cancer treatment, allergies and pain therapy (according to Liebscher&Bracht, acupuncture, tape, osteopathy).

In psychotherapy we use behavioral therapy, hypnosis and family therapy.

Prevention is one of our core topics to prevent your having illness in the first place – “Staying healthy naturally”. In order to do so, we offer health check ups, detoxification programs, immune strengthening and vital courses, motion counseling and nutrition counseling; if necessary supported by a ketogenic diet.

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